Multimedia Projects

With innovative technology, we are able to create both simple and very complex presentations. The format of the multimedia presentations allows elements of 3D animation, video clips, various graphics in the form of diagrams, photos, drawings, and essential text and audio.




Digital Park

We also draw your attention to our exclusive project called "Digital Park."
"Digital Park" is a unique project that required the construction of a presentation hall in order for it to be demonstrated. If you are building any sort of elite complex of a significant scale, you can present what this project will look like using the methods of "Digital Park." The interactive demonstration utilizes multiple synchronized screens to allow potential clients to "visit" any point of the future complex. Viewers are placed in the optimal point that takes them in to this virtual reality.
Add to this powerful sound effects, and you get an astonishing 3d experience. Digital tour is a virtual guide and allows complete freedom throughout the entire virtual complex such as riding the lift, walking up stairs, and so on. It gives you an opportunity to look out any windows and test your senses to ensure you get an error free project. Digital Park can be useful in future or existing companies. Such a presentation can bring a company’s activities to life like work of machinery, people and infrastructure.
This type of presentation will allow for a virtual tour of your company at any point in the world.


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